E-learning is the hot new word for learning anything online -- whether you are Intel
and want to teach your employees about the latest Pentium 550 chip technology,
or you need to pick up a Microsoft MCSE course and want to do it on your lunch
break...e-learning is a quick and easy way to gain skills, train employees, and save

Addwise is creating a new approach to E-learning called Educorner -- we create fun
games or even courses that teach visitors to your site about your product, company
or philosophy in a simple and enjoyable way... so if Intel want visitors to their site to
learn about chip technology, we could create a game that teaches people about it
interactively, and cuts through some of the dry jargon typically found on corporate

We can also, of course, create E-learning classes for your company, and would
be happy to provide more information. Please let us know what your e-learning
needs might be.

Educorner Interactive Courses

This could be a simple corporate orientation for new employees, an online course
to train staff in a new skill, an overview of your industry, or perhaps a place to
show off your community projects.

Educorner Educational Activities

Playing games and solving problems are some of the best ways to learn new
concepts. You can deepen the visitors' understanding of your products and services by
developing creative and enjoyable activities that are only a mouse click away
from your home page or any other place you choose.

Available courses

We can add an Educorner product to your existing site with ease, and
we will be happy to manage it for you.


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